Inspiration for Vitalizing Moves in Organizations

What are your tips for people who want to start guerilla gardening in their communities?
1.Look for really local opportunities – stuff that’s right on your street and on your way to work. That way you can get enjoyment and look after it.
2.Don’t wait for anyone else. It won’t happen unless you do it.
3.Start small and use the success of that to gain momentum. If you’re thinking about a sidewalk start with one plot and spread your way down the sidewalk.
4.Be optimistic — and pragmatic. It’s not all going to work. Learn from your mistakes. Gardening is trial and error.
5.Talk to people about it. Don’t be shy, just be straightforward. Explain to people that you’re a volunteer gardener.

Guerrilla Gardening Book – Richard Reynolds- 2013


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